We offer flexible logistics conditions: you can order door-to-door delivery at a convenient time, or pick up the cargo yourself from one of our warehouses or warehouses of our partners. Depending on the delivery method, your benefits will include: fast shipment, convenient access to transportation, careful and prompt cargo transportation in the conditions most suitable for you.

Our logistics specialists will help you choose the most appropriate delivery scheme and to optimize the delivery cost. Use of the latest logistics equipment allows to minimize the risk of damage to products during their transportation. Our specialists are familiar with all the nuances of the route and choose the most optimal and safe way to deliver the cargo.

In addition, we offer the most profitable international delivery schemes that include full customs support and compliance with all legal regulations. Our specialists do their best to simplify delivery schemes, to minimize the term and the financial costs of the client. We ensure safety of the cargo and take responsibility for the timely and careful delivery of your products.